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Volume IV, Number 4
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Front Cover

Tyrannosaurus Rex. Photograph by D. Cardona.


By Ev Cochrane and Dwardu Cardona

Vox Popvli

Our readers sound off. PAGE 5

The Reflective Canopy Model and the Mytho-Historical Record

Dwardu Cardona criticizes Milton Zysman's auroral model of "the lost universe of the ancients" which has been proposed in lieu of the planetary theory. Page 13

The Milky Way

Ev Cochrane reviews ancient lore concerning the Milky Way and comes to the conclusion that the present stream of stars in the night sky known by that name was not the subject of such lore. Page 39

The Reality of Extinctions

The extinction of prehistoric fauna due to celestial bombardment has now captured the imagination of scientists and laymen alike. Yet Peter Michael James is of the opinion that, while these extinctions were the result of catastrophic events, they were caused by an entirely different mechanism. Page 67

Whence Homo?

Man's family tree is examined by James Strickling who points out anomalous evidence in the presently accepted system of evolutionary descent. Page 75

Alexander and the Amazons: Ancient Belief and Modern Analysis

Did the Amazons ever exist? If not, why was their meeting with Alexander the Great recorded by ancient authors? Tammy Jo Eckhart analyzes Classical sources and comes up with the logical answer. Page 87

The Book Shelf

Book reviews by Duane Vorhees, Walter Radtke, and Wal Thornhill. Page 107


Volume IV, Number 4



Dwardu Cardona, who studied and practiced electrical engineering at the British Royal Admiralty in Malta, has acted as Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as Senior Editor for the same periodical. He is a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies and serves as an Editorial Consultant on Mythology and Cosmogony for the British journal Chronology and Catastrophism Review. An enthusiastic researcher and writer, he has now published over a hundred articles in various periodicals.

Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He previously served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and is currently the publisher of AEON. He is presently preparing two manuscripts for publication: The Many Faces of Venus, and The Mars Myth.

Peter Michael James received his degree in geology and mathematics at Queensland University, Australia, and his Ph.D. in geomechanics from Imperial College, London. He is presently a consultant in the Earth Sciences throughout the Asia-Pacific region, which occupation he combines with writing. He has published several novels, prize-winning short stories, and non-fiction books on topics ranging from official corruption to prehistory and a new approach to geotectonics concerning which he has lectured in the United States and England.

James E. Strickling is an engineer in the telecommunications industry. His avocation, however, ranges far beyond the sphere of his profession. Long engaged in independent research in natural science, ancient history, and prehistory, he has published various philosophical and analytical papers dealing with creation and evolution. He is also the author of Origins: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth.

Tammy Jo Eckhart received her MA in Ancient History from Columbia University in New York City and has recently been accepted to a Ph.D. program in Ancient History at Indiana University at Bloomington. She has published scholarly papers and book reviews together with poetry and short stories. Her book, a collection of short fiction, has also recently been published under the title Punishment for the Crime.

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