A Journal on Myth and Science

Edited by:
Ev Cochrane, Dwardu Cardona, Jan Sammer
Frederic Jueneman, Lewis M. Greenberg

Volume III, Number 6
ISSN 1066-5145
AEON, 2326 Knapp, Ames, IA 50010, USA
Copyright (c) December 1994


Editor's Page

Ev Cochrane

A Dynamical Objection to Grubaugh's Model

Victor Slabinski offers a critique of Bob Grubaugh's model of the polar configuration. PAGE 1

Grubaugh Responds

Bob Grubaugh responds to Slabinski. PAGE 11

Worlds in Collision: Reviews and Reviewers

Duane Vorhees documents the reception and aftermath of Worlds in Collision. PAGE 15

The Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient Israel

Gunnar Heinsohn offers clues for a reconstruction of the chronology of ancient Israel. PAGE 35

The Saturn Thesis: Questions and Answers

Dave Talbott discusses the Saturn-myth. PAGE 48

On Dragons and Red Dwarves

Ev Cochrane explores the role of the planet Mars in ancient myths of the dragon-combat. PAGE 70

Book Reviews

Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair, by John Bossy. Reviewed by Frederic Jueneman. PAGE 84

Letters to the Editor

Page 87


Page 97

Volume III, Number 6


Victor Slabinski, is an astronomer in the Astrodynamics section at INTELSAT in Washington, D.C., where he works on the orbital mechanics of geostationary communications satellites. He teaches the "Mechanics of Space Flight" course at George Washington University.

Robert Grubaugh, now retired, formerly worked as a structural dynamicist for TRW. Bob's current work involves trying to figure out a dynamically feasible model of the polar configuration.

Duane Vorhees teaches American Culture at Korea University. His numerous articles about the life and times of Immanuel Velikovsky have appeared in KRONOS, The Velikovskian, Catastrophism and Ancient History, and the SIS Workshop. He received his doctorate at the State University of Bowling Green, where his dissertation was entitled The "Jewish Science" of Immanuel Velikovsky: Culture and Biography as Ideational Determinants.

Gunnar Heinsohn, professor of social sciences at the University of Bremen in Germany, is the author of Die Sumerer gab es Nicht and numerous other publications.

David Talbott was the founder and publisher of Pensée magazine, which produced the series, "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered". He is the author of The Saturn Myth.

Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and currently serves as the editor/publisher of AEON. He is currently preparing two manuscripts for publication: The Many Faces of Venus, and The Mars Myth.