A Journal on Myth and Science

Edited by:
Ev Cochrane, Dwardu Cardona, David N. Talbott,
Frederic B. Jueneman, Lewis M. Greenberg, Jan Sammer

Volume III, Number 5
ISSN 1066-5145
AEON, 2326 Knapp, Ames, IA 50010, USA
Copyright (c) May 1994


Editor's Page

Ev Cochrane

The Great Comet Venus

David Talbott explores the origins of Venus worship in early Mesoamerica. Page 5

The Evolution of the Cosmogonic Egg

Dwardu Cardona investigates ancient traditions of cosmic egg. PAGE 52

The Beginning of Time

Dwardu Cardona discusses the curious relation between the planet Saturn and time. PAGE 71

Sothis and the Morning Star in the Pyramid Texts

Ev Cochrane offers a reassessment of astral worship in ancient Egypt. PAGE 77

Dark Matter..., by Tom Van Flandern.

Reviewed by Frederic B. Jueneman. PAGE 95

The Origin of Comets, by A. Bailey, V. Clube, & B. Napier.

Reviewed by Joel Canepa. PAGE 99

Aeon Announcements

AEON Publications.
The Velikovsky Conference.

Volume III, Number 5


David Talbott was the founder and publisher of Pensée magazine, which produced the series, "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered." He is the author of The Saturn Myth.

Dwardu Cardona, a Senior Editor of the journal KRONOS, has also published in Topper, Pensée, The Sourcebook Project, Frontiers of Science, SISR and the SIS Workshop.

Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles on archaeoastronomy. He served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and currently serves as the editor of AEON.

Frederic B. Jueneman is a consulting industrial analytic chemist, who has served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS, and as a member of the R & D 100 panel for the adjudication of the annual top one hundred products developed by academia and industry, and continues as a contributing editor/columnist for Research and Development.

Joel Canepa is a lawyer in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. He has long had an interest in catastrophist research and is currently preparing several manuscripts for publication.