A Journal on Myth and Science

Edited by:
Ev Cochrane, Dwardu Cardona, Jan Sammer
Frederic B. Jueneman, Lewis M. Greenberg

Volume III, Number 4
ISSN 1066-5145
AEON, 2326 Knapp, Ames, IA 50010, USA
Copyright (c) December 1993


The Lord of Light

Lewis M. Greenberg explores astral images in early Christian tradition. Page 5.

Why Did Jesus Wash His Disciples' Feet?

Jan Sammer offers a solution to an age-old question. PAGE 21

Thanatos and Anastasis

Lewis M. Greenberg discusses the life and death of Jesus in the light of Egyptian traditions surrounding Osiris. PAGE 24

Velikovsky in America

Duane Vorhees chronicles the events leading up to the publication of Worlds in Collision. Page 34.

On Mars and Pestilence

Ev Cochrane analyzes the worldwide myth of Mars as an agent of pestilence and disease. PAGE 59


Frederic B. Jueneman speculates on the nature of scientific discourse. PAGE 80

Freud's Moses, by Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi

Reviewed by Ev Cochrane PAGE 94

Aeon Announcements

AEON Publications.
The Velikovsky Conference.

Volume III, Number 4


Lewis M. Greenberg, Professor of Art History at the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. Formerly, Editor-in-Chief of KRONOS which he co-founded in 1975. Prof. Greenberg co-authored the book An Introduction to Ancient Art and Architecture and was an Associate Editor of the journal Pensée. In addition to KRONOS and Pensée, Greenberg has also published in Chiron, Science, Biblical Archaeology Review, Astronomy, and SIS Review.

Jan Sammer formerly served as special secretary to Immanuel Velikovsky. Mr. Sammer received his Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and currently resides in Prague. He is the author of Passport to Liberty.

Ev Cochrane has devoted the past thirteen years to catastrophist research. He served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and currently serves as the editor of AEON.

Duane Vorhees teaches American Culture at Korea University. His numerous articles about the life and times of Immanuel Velikovsky have appeared in KRONOS, The Velikovskian, Catastrophism and Ancient History, and the SIS Workshop. He received his doctorate at the State University of Bowling Green, where his dissertation was entitled The "Jewish Science" of Immanuel Velikovsky: Culture and Biography as Ideational Determinants.

Frederic B. Jueneman is a consulting industrial analytic chemist, who has served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS, and as a member of the R & D 100 panel for the adjudication of the annual top one hundred products developed by academia and industry, and continues as a contributing editor/columnist for Research and Development.

AEON -- A Symposium on Myth and Science

In the pages of this journal -- AEON -- we present a continuing discussion of unusual theories about man, the earth and the heavens. More than one of the theories presented here will challenge deeply-held premises of modern scientific thought, while offering new vistas in the quest for knowledge.

Under the present topic, "The Planets in Ancient Myth and Religion," we explore the evidence for global catastrophes and interplanetary upheaval in the recent past, seeking out the implications for the affected disciplines. The symposium is designed to encourage independent investigation, to speed up the process of communicating findings to others, and to foster a wider debate as to the interpretation of new data.

AEON will pursue an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to providing a service to researchers in comparative mythology in general, we offer the general reader the possibility of sharing in exciting discovery. While it is extremely unlikely that every paper presented in these symposia will survive the critical process, we are confident that this process will help to bring out many new insights into man and his past.

Readers are encouraged to participate in the discussion. Letters to the editor and manuscripts should be sent to Ev Cochrane at 2326 Knapp in Ames, Iowa