A Symposium on Myth and Science

Volume II, Number 3
Copyright (c) 1990 and Published by:
The Kronia Group, 9805 S.W. Whitford Lane Beaverton, OR 97005. USA


The Birth of Athena

Ev Cochrane examines Velikovsky's claim that cometary imagery pervades the cult of the Greek goddess Athena. PAGE 5

Velikovsky's Martian Catastrophes

Dwardu Cardona reexamines the evidence for a series of Martian catastrophes in the seventh and eighth-centuries BCE. Velikovsky's model is compared with more recent models. PAGE 29

Pleiongaea: A Myth for All Seasons

Fred Jueneman offers bold new speculations concerning the history of the Earth, suggesting that it may once have possessed a much more massive atmosphere, resulting in a widespread tropical climate. PAGE 45

Chronology of Lyres

Dr. Heinsohn compares lyres of different times and places in an attempt to further bolster his radical reconstruction of ancient history. PAGE 56

Greek History Begins in the Sixth Century BCE

Benny Peiser reopens the question of whether the Dark Ages of Greece represent an artificial construction of modern historians. PAGE61

Clashing Magnetic Fields

Advancing his view that Mars was the primary agent of ancient interplanetary catastrophes, Donald Patten outlines a theory on the origin of the Earth's magnetic field. PAGE 83



Volume II, Number 3


Dwardu Cardona, former Senior Editor of the journal KRONOS, has also written for various other publications.

Ev Cochrane has devoted the past nine years to catastrophist research. He was an Associate Editor of KRONOS and a frequent contributor to that journal.

Fred Jueneman, an analytic chemist, served as an Associate Editor of Kronos and remains a contributing editor/columnist for Research and Development.

Gunnar Heinsohn, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Bremen in Germany, is the author of Die Sumerer gab es Nicht.

Benny Peiser is an historian of ancient sport at the University of Frankfort/M. For the last five years he has studied Greek chronology with special emphasis upon the history and significance of the Olympic games.

Donald Patten has written over a dozen essays on Earth history and is the author of two books, The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch and The Long Day of Joshua.

AEON -- A Symposium on Myth and Science

In the pages of this symposium -- AEON -- we present a continuing discussion of unusual theories about man, the earth and the heavens. More than one of the theories presented here will challenge deeply-held premises of modern scientific thought, while offering new vistas in the quest for knowledge.

Under the present topic, "The Cataclysm," we explore the evidence for global catastrophes and interplanetary upheaval in the recent past, seeking out the implications for the affected disciplines. The symposium is designed to encourage independent investigation, to speed up the process of communicating findings to others, and to foster a wider debate as to the interpretation of new data.

AEON will pursue an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to providing a service to researchers in catastrophist studies, we offer the general reader the possibility of sharing in exciting discovery.

AEON is not an institutional journal with a finished product. The papers presented here are still in evolution, looking for comment and criticism from others. Publication in this symposium will, as a rule, involve little or no refereeing and minimal editing, with the primary responsibility for technical accuracy and proofreading resting on the contributors themselves.

Specialists in the affected fields are asked to challenge the presented views or to offer alternative explanations of the data. While it is extremely unlikely that every paper presented in these symposia will survive the critical process, we are confident that this process will help to bring out many new insights into man and his past.