THE CATACLYSM: A Monthly Symposium on Myth and Science

January, 1988. Vol. I, No. 1
(Also known as Aeon Vol. I, No. 1)

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By Willam J. Goedecke, President, The Kronia Group

Reconstructing the Saturn Myth

David Talbott, founder of Pensée magazine's "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered" series and author of The Saturn Myth. offers an overview of the theory of the polar configuration, noting the global mythical themes illuminated by the author's model.

Venus in Ancient Myth and Language

Associate Editor of KRONOS, Ev Cochrane, examines a wide range of cometary images attached to the planet Venus. First in a series of articles on the Venus comet in relation to the planet Saturn and the hypothesized polar configuration.

Apollo and the Planet Mars

Also by Ev Cochrane: The case for reassessing the famous Greek god in view of apparent links to very ancient Martian themes.

The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion

Following the lead of Ralph Juergens and Earl Milton, Charles Ginenthal outlines a new theory combining electromagnetic repulsion with gravity to account for rotational and orbital variations among celestial bodies. Ginenthal presently teaches science, math and history to the handicapped in New York City.

Solar System Studies

Retired engineer, Frederick F. Hall, formerly with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory, provides a timely excursion through the solar system and beyond, noting many issues of special interest to catastrophists today. Look for more detailed discussion on many of these topics in the months ahead.

The Road to Saturn

We present excerpts from an autobiographical essay by Dwardu Cardona, Senior Editor of KRONOS. In this first of two parts, Cardona recounts the development of his own ideas about Immanuel Velikovsky and the role of Saturn in ancient times.