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171. Child of Saturn (Part V) [Kronos $]
... 1 Chronicles 15-8;11 Chronicles 29:13. 26. Tanit 1. L. E. Stager& S. R. Wolff, "Child Sacrifice at Carthage- Religious Rite or Population Control?" Biblical Archaeology Review( Jan./Feb. 1984), p. 38. 2. Ibid., p. 50. 3. ... Mythology,"Journal of Biblical Literature, LXIV (1945), p. 36 (emphasis added). 23. D. Cardona, "Saturn: In Myth and Religion," KRONOS X: 1 (Fall 1984), pp. 8-9. 24. W. A. Heidel, loc. cit. 25. L. Ginzberg, ... the Egyptians (N. Y., 1904/1969), Vol. I, pp. 339-340. 20. F. Boll, "Kronos-Helios," Archiv fur Religionswissenschaft as cited by D. N. Talbott, op.cit, p. 38. 21. F. G. Bratton, Myths and Legends of the Ancient Near East (N ...
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172. Society News [SIS C&C Review $]
... the Dead and the earlier temple texts, have tried to get into the minds of these ancient Egyptians and realised it's something we can't do now. We can't get into their religious mind set. They wanted to get close to the stars which were deities and this was their way of making sure of their survival and passage from earth to deities in the ... suggested. Kate added that if there was a big enough flood they would all be drowned in it. John Crow said people who have studied the old Egyptian texts, the religion, magic, mystery etc, the Book of the Dead and the earlier temple texts, have tried to get into the minds of these ancient Egyptians and realised it's something we ... he had to become a god. Val Pearce said that the texts were all about getting to the stars- why should they worry about the body? Jill Abery said most religions and mythologies have a sacred mountain. Isn't it a representation on earth of that? John asked what basis there is for imagining that the people in Atlantis had really advanced technology ...
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173. Notes on the Androgynous Comet [SIS C&C Review $]
... century and first used by Champollion, testifies to the interpretation of the as a 'Christian symbol'." 28. M. Williams: Indian Wisdom, or Examples of the Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Doctrines of the Hindus (London: W. H. Allen, 1876), p.324. 29. See Kronos Vol.I, No.1, p.58. \ ... modern man keeps in his unconscious. It is with one aspect of this that the present paper will concern itself. Charles Dupuis describes in Origine de tous les cultes, ou Réligion universelle (Paris, 1795) how, when the "primitive made the first attempts to comprehend the order of the universe he too projected himself into nature....The part ... ... his generative faculty. The universe teemed with sexual symbols to the primitive, the only analogy he could make, and the earliest cosmographic myths and rituals of all religions were natural spontaneous equivalents of human behaviour in love." (5) Father J. Winthuis, doing missionary work at the time of the First World War, studied the ...
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174. GODS FIRE: CHAPTER ONE: PLAGUES AND COMETS [Quantavolution Website]
... fraction-- called Christian or Moslem-- whose story has assimilated this particular story, our lives are spent under the lingering effects of the great comet. Our minds, religious attitudes, social institutions, wars, sex behavior, eating habits and even the sciences are pervaded by its influence. Human memories and consequently human histories have not yet fully recovered ... modern archaeological discoveries in Egypt and the "Lands of the Bible." Further involved in the study of Exodus are the social sciences, such as the anthropology and psychology of religion, the history of science, and the sociology of organization, and even the natural sciences, especially geology, the atmospheric sciences and astronomy. All are usable at various stages ... the merits of Judaism over Islam and Christianity, he fixed its superiority upon its unique origins in divine revelation amidst catastrophe [17. Despite their philosophical defense, both of these religions had to remain in effect branches of Judaism because they had to claim a part in Moses and the Exodus. We return now to the Comet of that winter as it approaches ...
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... exclusively. Even so, the Biblical record is part of universal lore and the Saturnian message is as evident in the pages of the Old Testament as in any other collection of religious works. How then could Patten and Windsor have missed it? Judging by what they have written? especially by what Patten and his other collaborators have written in the past, ... . The literature dealing with this particular aspect of the universal record is now quite comprehensive. No researcher can honestly delve into ancient cosmic lore, mythology, and the origin of religion without coming face to face with this most obvious of ancient beliefs. The Saturnian deity, in his many guises, literally permeates all of mythology, heading the pantheons of all ... religions, leaving his indelible mark on the widespread faiths of modern man. Behind this most ancient of mythological figures lurks the planet with which the deity was associated. In most cases god and planet were identified as one and the same by the ancients themselves. There is no point in claiming that these identifications were spurious because those who honored and venerated this ...
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... of men who have died in various ways. The origins of these spirits or demons are very remote; but legends have subsequently endowed them with vitality, and the vicissitudes of religious experience have given them new and more complex qualities. These more palpable images have since been assimilated by popular tradition, the theater, and local cults. They are thus the ... deity, the personification of the brutal and capricious forces of the cosmos. [* The authors intend to develop this subject in a much larger work devoted to the psychology of religion and catastrophism.Interestingly, it is from the very preciseness of our observed parallels that the most useful piece of information can be derived. Mark how the scriptwriters have seemingly drawn ... . They are thus the expression of a forlorn primordial humanity, vainly searching for that poise and serenity reflected in images of the gods or teachers of the more advanced and cultivated religions.(13) Thus, the atomic tragedy of World War II served to revitalize the dormant yet inherent cultural demonology of Japan by bringing to the forefront of Japanese film theater ...
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... the aim of rendering them terrifying no longer. In other words, these philosophers were engaged in describing the origins of the world and all that it contains in terms other than religious ones. Where previously the gods had created the Earth and wrought destruction, it was now shown that thunder, lightning, earthquakes, and eclipses had natural causes. They laid ... that is the Bronze-Iron Age boundary, new cultures emerged that were uniform and coherent. He then set about outlining the common features that emerged all over the world. First, religion: Where, previously, sacrifice was prevalent in theocentric religions, the new religions (Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.) were homocentric; people could ... their own salvation. The pre-Socratic philoso-phers wanted to bring order to the world, to show that the universe is subject to law. Games were introduced, based on the notion that the hero has destroyed the dragon which has threatened the world. The games are imitations of the fight, a celebration of humankind. The dragon wants to enforce chaos; the ...
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... of the expression "para handandatar", "shown by God," a concept which, according to Goetze, corresponds most closely to the mana conception known from ethnography and religious reports (Goetze, p. 138 and n. 2), and which can represent a manifestation of the deity. 28. Johann Geffcken, Eine gnostische Vision (V ... the luck of Mithridates: during the siege of Rhodes in the year 88, it was supposedly Isis herself who threw fire upon the siege machines. Nilsson, Geschichte der Griechischen Religion II,124. Cf. p. 175. Justinus (XXXVII, 2), as cited by G. Windengren, Die Religionen Irans (Stuttgart, 1965), ... . 236 ff., reports of this comet-star that it "radiated light on two occasions (at the birth and regnal ascendence of Mithridates Eupator) so intensively for seventy days that the entire sky seemed to be going up in flames; partly because it had covered a fourth of the sky due to its size and partly because it had surpassed the great ...
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179. The Early Years: Part Two [Aeon Journal $]
... the time she met Velikovsky, she was a private student of the well-known concert violinist Adolf Busch. After the required civil ceremony in Hamburg, they were married again in a religious ceremony in Berlin on April 15, 1923. The prestigious leader of the Adass Yisroel congregation, Ezra Munk, conducted the services and Loewe stood in for Immanuel's parents. The ... , replacing sexual conflicts for the forces of nature as explanatory devices. One could make a case that Velikovsky merely modified the Kuhn-Abraham system by insisting that the events of mythology and religion should be understood as literal rather than as symbolic occurrences. Other intellectual movements that were current in Berlin at the time may also have had their effect upon the Velikovskianism of the ... stretched before you. It is the consciousness that this occasion marks a great epoch in the history of a people who made this little land of Palestine a seed ground of great religions, and whose intellectual and moral destiny is again, from a national point of view, reviving, and who will look back to this day which we are celebrating as one ...
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... labor. For the Hindus the Krita Yuga- again, the first age- was one of saintliness: there were no gods or demons, and there was no need for religious ceremonies; human beings could ascend to heaven and return to earth at will. Likewise, according to the Hopis and Mayas the original human beings were all-knowing, wise and godlike ... Africans all believed in an original paradise. Paradise mythology is so pervasive, and is so central to the religious mythology of the vast preponderance of ancient peoples, that historian of religion Mircea Eliade considers nostalgia for paradise to be at the very core of humankind's spiritual impulse: for the shaman as for the Christian; for the Taoist as for the Aborigine, ... for fanatical religious sects, does this in itself prove them false? Perhaps it is time we considered the spiritual worldview from a new stance, leaving aside credulous commitment to particular religions or traditions but freeing ourselves as well from bondage to narrow evolutionist assumptions and unquestioning loyalty to the cult of technological progress. I would not claim in the brief essay to have ...
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