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The Velikovskian

The Journal of Myth, History and Science

Vol. III, No. 1 (1997)

Quota pars operis tanti nobis committitur


  • Cyrus and the Mardian/Amardian Dethroner of the -6th Century Medes and
    Aziru the Martu/Amurru (Amorite) Dethroner of the -14th Century Mitanni,
    by Gunnar Heinsohn
  • The Origin of Craters on the Moon and Large Lunar Boulders
    by Charles Ginenthal
  • Sagan on the Run, The Florida State Lecture: Sagan on a Wednesday Night
    by John Godowski
  • By Eva Danelius:
    1. The Identification of the Biblical "Queen of Sheba" with Hatshepsut, "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia"
    2. Did Thutmose III Despoil The Temple in Jerusalem?
  • Ancient Myths and Legends of the African Bantu People
    by Cecily Marchesi
  • The Papyrus Ipuwer, Egyptian Version of the Plagues - A New Perspective
    by Henry Zecher


Gunnar Heinsohn is a professor of social sciences at the University of Bremen in Germany. He has authored a revised history of the ancient Near East, Die Sumerer gab es nicht (The Sumerians Never Existed), as well as Perserherrscher gleich Assyrerkonige? and other books and articles.

Charles Ginenthal was a teacher of science to the handicapped in New York City. Now retired, he has authored Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky, and co-authored Stephen J. Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky. He has written papers for AEON and Meta Research Bulletin, and has articles in other books. He is Editor-in-Chief of THE VELIKOVSKIAN.

John Godowski is a science major living in Florida. He has taken an interest in the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky and has confronted Carl Sagan at a mass public meeting in Florida regarding Sagan's views of the Venusian runaway greenhouse theory.

Eva DaneGus (Deceased) (Dr. Rerum Politicarum, University of Tubingen, Germany) has studied Egyptian language at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and, in addition, has attended courses on Coptic and Semitic languages, as well as the Bible and Biblical history, at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem and The University of Tel Aviv. Dr. Danelius has published in the JEA and JNES, among others.

Cecily Marchesi is a student of African mythology. She has resided in Africa where she became interested in this literature and its cosmological aspects. Her paper in this journal is her first foray into mythology and catastrophism.

Henry Zecher, a journalism graduate of the University of Maryland and former newspaper reporter, currently works for the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. He writes on a variety of subjects, including Sherlock Holmes, historical subjects, such as reformer Martin Luther's impact on the English Bible, and Biblical Old Testament history from the revisionist point of view.