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Quota pars operis tanti nobis committitur

Charles Ginenthal

Vol. II, No. 3
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Quota pars operis tanti
nobis committitur

Charles Ginenthal


Maria Victoria Figueredo


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COVER: The symbol on the cover is one of the Babylonian representations of the godess Inanna, or Venus.

Immanuel Velikovsky asked Quota pars operis tanti nobis committitur--Which part of this work is committed to us? He presented this question to us regarding the possibility of global catastrophism in human history. Several other scholars have also investigated this concept, presenting other mechanisms as the basis for these cataclysms. It is the purpose of The Velikovskian to give full reign to those involved in this research so that their concepts may be explored and examined in these pages. The Velikovskian is committed to no unique viewpoint, but to an open discussion of the evidence. If there were global cataclysms, then the cause, nature and impact of these upheavals is an important issue in science, history and humanity and is deserving of our attention.

You are invited to present your research or offer criticism of what is presented in these pages. It is only through the democratic process of free and open discussion and debate that the evidence raised may lead to new and deeper insights.

At the present time, The Velikovskian is not a fully refereed journal. To those specialists who are interested in acting as advisors, we extend our hand. We hope this journal will grow and mature to meet the finest standards of academic research.


Robert T. Russell is a Texan researcher who has long been following the chronological debate about ancient history. He is also interested in how the ancient chronology conforms with retrocalculated astronomical data of lunar and solar eclipses.

Alice Miller is a researcher of all material published on Velikovsky's research, has written several rebuttals to criticisms leveled against it and has published an annotated volume, the Velikovsky Bibliography. She lives in San Francisco and is currently planning to publish Gordon Atwater's memoir of the events that led to his dismissal as Curator of the Hayden Planetarium and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy of the American Museum of Natural History.

Charles Ginenthal taught the physically handicapped in New York City, is the author of Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky, a critique, has contributed articles to AEON and is preparing a book, with several other authors, The Continuing Velikovsky Affair: The Second Generation, to be published next year as a special double issue of The Velikovskian.


June 15, 762 BCE: A Mathematical Analysis of Ancient History
Robert T. Russell

Page 7
The Kensington Runestone, John Whittaker and The Skeptical Inquirer
(Part I)

Alice Miller

Page 70
The Kensington Runestone, John Whittaker and The Skeptical Inquirer
(Part II)

Alice Miller

Page 78
The Origin of the Moon
Charles Ginenthal

Page 89

CORRECTIONS: In Vol. II, No. 2, p. 33: "Hoover" should be "Huber" and "Story" should be "Storer." We apologize for including certain aside statements which should have been omitted in the interview.