Chronology & Catastrophism Review

Proceedings of the SIS Conference
"Ages Still in Chaos"

Progress in revising ancient history since 1952 and possible ways forward

Royal National Hotel, London, 14th & 15th September 2002

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Introduction - Ages in Chaos?
Professor Trevor Palmer reviews developments in ancient chronology since Velikovsky.
Scientific Dating Problems - The Radioactive Dating of Earth's Rocks19
A comprehensive review by David Salkeld
Evidence for Shortening Egyptian History37
Robert M. Porter reviews the Third Intermediate Period.
Ages Still In Chaos: Defending The Indefensible41
J. Eric Aitchison analyses the El Amarna Letters.
A Testing Time49
David Rohl reviews progress in developing the New Chronology.
The Lion Gate at Mycenae Revisited56
Professor Lewis M. Greenberg reexamines the basis of its chronological placement.
Ramesses II and Greek Archaic Sculpture64
Professor Lewis M. Greenberg reviews the consequences of redating.
Climatology and Agronomy68
Charles Ginenthal asks how farming was sustained over centuries in the Ancient Middle East.
Finding the Limits of Chronological Revision76
John J. Bimson reviews what has been learned since the ‘Glasgow Chronology'.
Velikovsky, Glasgow & Heinsohn Combined83
Emmet J. Sweeney argues that at least 2,000 years needs to be removed from ancient history.
AD Ages in Chaos: a Russian Point of View94
Dr Eugen Gabowitsch presents the case for major revisions of AD history.
Implications for Chronology if Certain ‘Historical' Characters are Mythological99
Ev Cochrane suggests that some major biblical figures are mythological.
Saint Cuthbert105
Gunnar Heinsohn investigates an anomaly in AD history.

Open Forum106
Possible Ways Forward108
An eclectic look at the possibilities from David Fairbairn.
Summary and Closing Address110
Trevor Palmer sums up the conference.

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