Volume 1, Number 2. Summer, 1985
ISSN 8756-3029

A publication of
The Institute for the Study of Collective Behavior and Memory

Editor: David Griffard
Managing Editor: William Douglas

Horus is a tri-annual magazine (published in January, May and September) featuring articles on archaeoastronomy, myths, rituals, symbols, and other subjects related to ancient conceptions of natural and human history.

  • The Stonehendge; What Is it? Alban Wall
    Alban Wall explores the meaning of Stonehenge - why it was built, and how it was used as a ring counter to keep track of the complex cycles of the Sun and Moon. . . p. 5

  • What is Uniformitarianism -- and How Did it Get Here? Alex Marton
    Alex Marton discusses the traditional scientific doctrine of uniformitarianism in relation to the social and political times which gave it birth. . . . p. 12

  • ...more Myths, Monuments, and Mnemonics; A Pictorial Visit to Easter Island. David Griffard
    David Griffard takes a photographic tour on the equinox of Easter Island - the land where there are "Eyes that Watch the Sky" - Native traditions suggest a system of astronomical knowledge and astral worship lay behind the mysterious statues for which the island is famous. Some rough measurements indicate intentional astronomical alignment of the monuments. . . p. 15

  • The Ching Hsing. Charles Raspil.
    Charles Raspil reviews some ancient Chinese concerns with the Ching Hsing phenomenon and the implications that it was related to extraordinary characteristics associated with the planet Venus. . . . p. 23

  • Venus -- A Battle Star? Charles Bowen.
    Charles Bowen introduces Venus as the Battle Star - a role suggested in the traditions and records of cultures as diverse as ancient Babylon, China, and Mesoamerica. Here, he reviews specific astronomical beliefs marking Venus' role in the military affairs of ancient peoples. . . . p. 27

  • Editorial. W.J. Douglas

Cover Poem

Everywhere is the wind of Heaven;
round and above all
are boundless sea and sky,
infinite space
and a great silence.
The dweller there is ever listening
for he knows not what,
feeling unconsciously that he
is in the antechamber to something
yet more vast which is just beyond his ken.

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Cover photos: David Griffard.
Front -- Equinox Sunrise from Rano Raraku, Easter Island
Back -- Equinox Sunset from Ahu a Kivi, Easter Island

Copyright (c) May 1985 by The Institute for the Study of Collective Behavior and Memory

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